Have you been feeling a bit potty?

Indoor plants have been proven to improve mental health and air quality in the home. Some house plants even absorb pollutants from household items such as fire-retardant furniture. Whatever your experience of growing house plants, there are plenty to suit you. Some indoor plants barely need watering or repotting at all!


1. Modern Design: Designed with a clear base design, which is more elegant and beautiful. Great for your plant containers to decorate windowsill, shelf, entrance table, coffee table, side table, kitchen table and more.

2. Two layer design: The top layer has a frosted texture and the bottom layer is a transparent container that allows you to conveniently monitor the water level.

3. Self Watering Design: The water filling port is located between the two layers to fill easily . By using a cotton rope to realize a self-watering system. Ventilation holes to prevent rook breakage, let your plants grow healthier.

4. High Quality: The flower pot is waterproof and drop-proof, so your flower pot can be reused many times to meet your long-term use needs.

5. Suitable occasion: The shape is very suitable as a desk decoration on the desk in the office. living room, bedroom or study. It can be placed in the garden, outdoors or on a f lower stand as an ornament to plant flowers, grass or bonsai plants.